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General Dentistry

At Clarksburg Dental Center, we strive to create a place where you and your family are comfortable, at ease, and confident that your needs are taken care of. With a wide range of services, nearly all treatments can be provided under one roof, and often in one visit. If you’re age 2 – 102, we welcome you to schedule with us today.


Oral Hygiene

  • Your best line of defense against dental health problems
  • Personalized according to your needs
  • Feel confident about the health and appearance of your smile

Gum Disease Treatment

  • Your gum health can impact on your overall systemic health and quality of life
  • Keep your defense strong with quality periodontal care
  • Laser technology means faster healing, minimal discomfort, little to no recovery time

LANAP: Laser Gum Disease Treatment

At Clarksburg Dental, we are now offering laser-assisted new attachment procedure as an option for periodontal treatment.

Laser-assisted new attachment procedure, or LANAP, is a non-surgical option to periodontal surgery. It is used to treat periodontitis, or gum disease, which is an infection in the gums usually resulting from poor oral hygiene. It kills the bacteria and removes the diseased tissue, leaving the healthy tissue intact.

This is an FDA-approved procedure that is less painful and usually more successful than traditional surgery. This is the only method that results in periodontal regeneration, which is the growth of new gum and bone tissue. It uses a special laser called Nd:YAG, which has variable speeds and pulse frequencies for various types of tissue.

The success of this procedure is due to the ability to target inflammation without impacting healthy gum tissue. It can also be used to reduce the pocket depth between gums and teeth, as well as prevent the gums from detaching from the teeth. This allows our patients to recover from the infection without requiring more surgery.

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