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Same-Day Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns

Posted on August 4th, 2023

Dental crowns are a popular cosmetic restorative dental procedure for resolving a variety of concerns. Statistics from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry show that more than 15 million Americans have dental crowns and many more are placed each year. Some of the most common reasons that a dental crown may be recommended include:

  • Support/protect a damaged tooth
  • Secure dental bridge
  • Strengthen a weak tooth
  • Cover a discolored tooth
  • Protect a tooth following root canal therapy
  • Prosthetic tooth with a dental implant
  • Restore broken/worn-down tooth

Clarksburg Dental Center in Germantown offers a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments including dental crowns. We offer both traditional and same-day options. Here’s what you need to know about these dental crown options to help you decide which is best for you.

Same-day Crowns versus Traditional Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth to improve its appearance and functionality. There are two types of crowns: same-day and traditional. When comparing same-day versus traditional dental crowns, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

14 Factors to Consider

Same-Day Crowns

Traditional Crowns


The entire process typically only takes a few hours, crown fabrication is done in the office The entire process usually requires multiple appointments spread over 2 to 3 weeks, crown fabrication is done in an offsite lab


Only requires a single visit, maybe 2 if the consultation is done separately Requires several visits to the office, which last for up to an hour or so each time

Treatment Process

1. Comprehensive exam
2. Digital images/impressions taken of the affected tooth
3. Crown fabrication in office
4. Placement of crown the affected tooth
1. Comprehensive exam
2. Digital images/impressions taken of the affected tooth
3. Temporary crown placed
4. Crown fabrication in an offsite dental lab
5. Removal of the temporary crown
6. Placement of the permanent crown on the affected tooth

Material Options

In-office dental crown options:
Traditional crown options
Composite resin

Fit and Accuracy

Crowns are fabricated chairside, offering the opportunity to create a more accurate fit Crowns are fabricated in an offsite dental lab, which means they may or may not fit properly. In some cases, minor adjustments may be made in the office


Lasts an average of 10 to 15 years, and may last up to 20+ years with proper care and maintenance Lasts an average of 10 to 15 years, and may last up to 20+ years with proper care and maintenance


Ranges from around $800 to $1,300 Ranges from around $500 to $2,500

Long-Term Success

High long-term success rate High long-term success rate


Same-day, ceramic crowns create a beautiful smile Traditional crowns can be customized to create a perfect smile

Temporary Crowns

No temporary crown is required for same-day crowns Temporary crown will usually be placed while waiting for the permanent crown

Chairside Experience

Everything is done in the office, or “chairside” No “chairside” experience- a mold is taken of the affected tooth and sent to an offsite dental lab for crown fabrication

Risk of Complications

Low risk of complications Low risk of complications

Restoration Strength

Strong enough to withstand normal bite force Strong enough to withstand normal bite force

Customization Options

Same-day crowns can be customized for color and size Traditional crowns can be customized for color, size, and material

Are You a Good Candidate for Same-Day Crowns?

If you have teeth that are discolored, damaged, misshapen, worn down, or decayed- or a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy- you may be considering a dental crown.

Generally, patients who qualify for a traditional dental crown also qualify for same-day treatment. However, you must have adequate tooth structure and healthy gums.

Schedule Your Dental Crown Consultation with Clarksburg Dental Center Today

If you have aesthetic dental concerns, schedule your consultation with the team at Clarksburg Dental Center in Germantown. A dental crown may be exactly the restoration that you need.

One of our highly skilled dentists will perform a comprehensive exam, which will include x-rays and taking a detailed oral and overall health history. This will determine if you qualify for dental crown treatment. If you have any issues such as tooth decay or gum disease, those will need to be addressed before a crown can be placed.

While dental crowns restore/improve the appearance of the tooth, they also restore function, making them a restorative procedure. However, they fall under the category of general dentistry, which means the services of a specialist are not required. Since this restoration does restore function, most dental insurance plans will cover a portion of the treatment. We also offer financing options to make treatment more accessible and affordable.

We are located at 19785 Crystal Rock Drive in Germantown. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

In addition to dental crowns, we offer many other general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care options for the entire family. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dental Crowns FAQs

If you have any questions about dental crowns, the team at Clarksburg Dental Center will be happy to address them with you. Below are some of the most common questions that we get about both traditional and same-day dental crowns.

Do you need a new dental crown?

On average, a dental crown should last 10 to 15 years. In some cases, it may last 20+, depending on care and maintenance habits. When it comes time to replace your dental crown, you may experience the following:

  • Visible wear/tear
  • Pain/swelling near the crown
  • Loose crown
  • Nerve pain
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease

If you experience any of these, schedule an appointment with your dentist for an examination to determine if you need a new crown.

How long before I can eat after a crown?

The only restriction when it comes to eating following dental crown placement is to wait until the anesthesia wears off. You may want to stick with soft foods at first and avoid chewing on the side where the crown was placed.

Do dental crowns hurt?

The dentist will administer local anesthesia to the affected area to prevent pain during the procedure. However, you may experience some minor discomfort as the anesthesia wears off and over the next few days as the crown settles.

How long do same-day crowns last?

Same-day dental crowns last an average of 10 to 15 years, like traditional crowns. In some cases, they may last up to 20+, depending on care and maintenance.

Are CEREC crowns more expensive?

While the cost of CEREC crowns may be slightly elevated compared to the cost of traditional crowns, the difference is not that big. Plus, most dental insurance providers will cover a portion of dental crown treatment, whether traditional or same-day.

Is it easy to eat with crowns?

If the crown is properly seated and secured on the tooth, eating with a dental crown is like eating with natural teeth. If the crown is not seated and secured properly, you may have some discomfort when eating. If this is the case, schedule a consultation with the dentist.

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